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Closed: The year-end and New Year holidays(26/12/2021 Sun. ~ 3/1/2022 Mon.)
We kindly ask for your understanding.

Please enter into WEB Medical questionnaire.

※Please enter after making an appointment for a consultation.

At the time of your child's consultation, if there is an adult has strong symptoms of a cold and fever in your family, please contact my clinic first on 0748-33-5565.
Thank you for your understanding.

Starting June 2023, the online reception opening time for evening examinations will change from 3:30 p.m. There will be no change in other reception times. We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding.

Clinic's closure, etc:

Due to circumstances, we will be closed on the morning of June 22 (Sat.). We apologize for the inconvenience and ask for your understanding.

Guide statements to guardians:

  • ・At first, please confirm your own appointment number.
  • ・Please do not come to the clinic until just before your appointment number. You will receive an e-mail when the 7th number before your appointment is called.
  • ・Please keep checking this page for your appointment number to ensure you come on time.

  • Although my clinic has an appointment system in place, there is a possibility that the order may be changed due to emergency situations arising.

  • We kindly ask for your cooperation and understanding.

  • ※In case you can't access the online appointment system, please call the clinic on 0748-33-5565.

Reception hours:

Clinic reception

Afternoon(only Mon.)

Online reception

Afternoon(only Mon.)

  • ・Please come to the clinic when the 5th number before your number is called.

  • ・Please let us know you have made an online appointment.

  • Please pay attention to the 3 things below.
  • 1.If you can't come when your number is called, we will call the next waiting number before you.
  • 2.If you miss your appointment, we will automatically cancel it.
  • 3.If the appointments exceed our capacity, the online appointment system will close early.

  • We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you, and thank you for your understanding.

  • ※ If you need to cancel an appointment, please click on the ‘Cancel an Appointment’ button on the top right menu or call the clinic on 0748-33-5565.

Online reception hours for vaccinations:

24 hours

※You can select the time to receive vaccinations from 2 days to 1 month in advance.

Please register your e-mail address

Wish to save time and effort checking whether you have made your appointment properly or your appointment schedule?
Just click the button below and follow the steps to register your e-mail address, and you are ready to receive this information by e-mail automatically.


How to get a new patient's appointment:

When you get an appointment to visit my clinic as a new patient, ‘Temporary patient's ID’ and ‘password’ will be displayed. They are necessary for you to change or cancel. So please keep this information safe.

  • Do not try to save this information by bookmarking the appointment confirmation screen.

For patients to get appointments for vaccinations:

This online appointment system only displays vaccinations we offer. For online booking(Japanese input only), you are automatically set up with the appropriate vaccine schedule and you can receive vaccinations.
  • ・Because you will need to enter the records of the vaccines your children have received until now, please input this information from the mother & child health notebook.
  • ・When entering only records, please proceed from ‘Vaccination Record’ on the appointment menu.

  • Please confirm the 3 things below, so that your child can receive vaccinations smoothly.
  • 1.Please come to the reception ten minutes before the appointed time.
  • 2.Please bring your children's vaccination coupons(ワクチン予診票:Wakuchin-Yoshinhyō) and the mother & child health notebook(母子手帳:Boshi-Techō) together with their registration cards. (You can not be vaccinated if you forget either of the vaccination coupons and the mother & child health notebook.) In addition, please bring your insurance card and welfare beneficiaries ticket (マル福:Maru-Fuku) for those who will be visiting for the first time.
  • 3.As much as you can, vaccination coupons are written at home and please take your children's temperature before you come to the clinic.

  • ※If a grandparent or other guardian accompanies your child, a guardian's ‘letter of vaccination attorney’(予防接種委任状:Yobōsesshu-Ininjō) is necessary.
  • ※If you want a vaccination that is not displayed on the vaccination appointment screen, or vaccination is necessary that is not covered by public expenditure, such as for travelling abroad, please call the clinic on 0748-33-5565.

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